Lipedema or lipoedema (European spelling) is an incurable, chronically progressive affliction that occurs almost exclusively in women. It causes a symmetrical accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue that disproportionately affects the lower limbs from buttocks to ankles. The legs may also be sensitive and prone to easy bruising. In some cases, the upper arms can also accumulate distinct patterns of fatty tissue.

Lipedema is little known, under recognized, and generally misdiagnosed as simple obesity. Despite the fact that it's been named for over 75 years, it is only recently that interest and education about lipedema is gaining in awareness. Estimates of the incidence of lipedema vary widely, and range as high as 11% of the post-pubertal female population, with estimates of 17 million women in the US, and 370 million women worldwide affected.

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Kim Kardashian may have incurable, debilitating Disease

In the beginning stages of the life threatening disease known as Lipoedema*, the body stills looks aesthetically pleasing but disproportionate.

Comparative photos of Kim Kardashian’s hips/thighs with that of a lipoedema sufferer’s physique posted on a lipoedema website look similar in shape. Both have small waists and upper torso while exhibiting bulging hips and thighs.

Because of these similarities and Kardashian’s “pear shape” that is a lipoedema biomarker, Kardashian was included in the small study which attempted to identify the biochemical similiarities of people diagnosed with lipoedema through comparative Vocal analysis. 

Using vocal frequencies to identify  potential and present health issues is an emerging science now used by MIT although the Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine credits the foundational protocols to a small, innovative Ohio biotech company, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health.

At the onset of Lipoedema the symptoms are often attributed to incremental fat accumulation and weight gain but the symptoms are actuality the beginning of a life threatening, debilitating, and emotionally traumatic disease.  Such may be the case with Kim Kardashian who seems to revel in having a ginormous rump synonymous with a Lipoedema diagnosis. 

Serious symptoms of Lipoedema begin to show by age 30 (Kardashian is 36 this year) for the majority of adult women who have been diagnosed already.  It is likely that women have simply not sought medical help for this condition because in most cases they are told they are just too fat, are put on a diet, and/or are simply tolerated as overweight miscreants.

Lipoedema is also known as “painful fat disease” and is easy to detect once a person becomes aware that painful fat nodules on the inner thighs (that can be found upon gentle palpation) is often the first symptom.  To date, surgery to remove the unwanted fat tissue is about the only cure because the underlying origins of the disease are still illusive.

Lipoedema has been known to the medical community since the 1940’s, yet remains incurable, when the Mayo Clinic first attempted to described its unknown etiology; biochemically and genetically.

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health in an attempt to discover the potential cause and cure for Lipoedema.  The Institute is known for its work that supports the premise that people with similar disease, stresses, personalities, genetic syndromes, toxins, traumas… have similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies. 

A vocal anomaly is akin to an out-of-tune instrument of an orchestra that is in need of fine-tuning.   A computerized Vocal Profile of a person who has been identified as having discordant vocal biomarkers can be provided individualized Management Reports that can be used by their wellness provider to help identify the distinct issues a person may be experiencing.  Inconsistencies in a speaking voice are not generally noticed by a listener but a computer can easily quantify vocal irregularities without much hesitation.  

During its decades of data collection, the Sound Health Research arm of the Institute has vigorously investigated and helped the body amend many supposedly incurable health concerns such as pain from simple issues like gout, muscle trauma, shingles and fibromyalgia to stroke trauma, Parkinson’s and Lewy Protein Disease symptoms. Macular Degeneration and many others “incurable” homogenous groups have been studied in an attempt to identify, through vocal data collection and analysis, the root causes and potential cure for diseases for which conventional modalities seem to have few satisfying answers.

John Apsley, MD, DC describes the Institute’s work as “breath-taking” and certainly “the medicine of the future when it comes to quantifying health issues that are, as yet, unexplored”.

One of the most concerning topics that Sound Health Institute has studied, under the direction of Sharry Edwards, MEd., has included weight management from several viewpoints including neurotransmitters and the awakening of the hibernation gene in humans.  Lipoedema was included as an urgent project for discussion because of the growing awareness and the rising toll that painful, uncontrollable fat deposits are having on women’s physical and emotional health.

During the initial study of Lipoedema, hundreds of issues were identified but five biochemical issues were identified in ALL of the vocal samples evaluated; including the vocal prints of Kim Kardashian.

The similar, multi-faceted,  biomarkers for issues associated with Adiponectin associated Genes, Proteins, Receptors and Activators were obvious.  A variety of Vesicular transporters, Guanine (a part of our DNA), Nitric Oxide metabolism and many forms of tryptamine were common for every test subject.  BioAcoustically Speaking, Kardashian’s Adiponectin Gene and Protein Receptors showed to be in actuated and in stress.

Adiponectin is a hormone/protein secreted by fat/adipose tissues that can be used to measure lipid and adipose tissue dysfunction.  It is controlled by the ADIPOQ gene.  All participants in the study exhibited issues with the production and metabolism of Adiponectin.  Adiponectin levels have been measured to be lower among obese persons than adiponectin levels for those of “normal” weight. 


 Lipoedema includes unequal distribution of adipose (fat) tissue that accumulates mostly in the hips and thighs; leaving most of the body unaffected until the later phases of the disease causes serious issues with circulation, clotting issues, edema, infections, hardening of the skin, Coronary Artery Disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity,Cancer, elevated cholesterol levels and delayed wound and surgery healing.  The most obvious early symptom is pain associated with palpation of the fat tissue on the inner thighs.


Stage 1:  The skin in the affected area is soft and smooth. Swelling increases during the day, but typically resolves with rest and elevation.

Stage 2:  The skin develops indentations and the subcutaneous tissue starts to feel more tough and nodular. Lipomas (fatty lumps between your skin and the underlying muscle layer) may appear. Large fatty deposits begin to form on the upper and lower legs and around the ankles. Eczema and skin infections (erysipelas) may also be present. While swelling increases during the day, as in stage 1, it is less affected by rest and elevation.

Stage 3:  There is more hardening of connective tissues and the swelling becomes consistently present and does not resolve with rest and elevation. Large masses of skin and fat cause deformations in the thighs and knees.

Stage 4:  Lymphedema occurs. This stage is also called Lipo-Lymphedema. Larger masses of skin and fat overhang and the swelling is consistently present. Fibrosclerosis, possibly elephantiasis. Legs can become stiff and lymph fluid can begin to leak from lymphatic vessels.

Additional biomarkers for Kardashian’s BioAcoustic evaluation indicates that she may be entering into the second stage of the incurable disease of Lipoedema. Several subjects had uric acid indicators that showed that a human hibernation gene had been awakened; possibly by inadequate enzyme metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid is often cited as a part of Lipoedema issues; but only 40% of the vocal of samples in this study contained an issue with Hyaluronic Acid.  Of significant importance is Vesicular Monoamine Transporters which act to transport dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine,  epinephrine and histamine; some of the most important neurotransmitters that help manage weight.  Human Pancreative lipase activators, Carnitine, copper and uric acid indicators were also found to be significant but not found in all subjects. More data from additional Lipoedema sufferers would provide a more complete picture and this early information is still being analyzed.

A secondary study revealed that Oprah, Beyonce, Rebel Wilson, Rosie O’Donnell and Kirstie Alley may have issues with Lipoedema which is rare in males.

Many who suffer from lipoedema suffer in silence because they have either given up losing weight or finding a cure or they don’t realize that the painful fat nodules on their inner things are an indication of a potentially life-threatening condition. “Lipoedema is considered to be a painful fat disorder, not one of overeating”, states Beau Dunn, a Ford model, who suffers from Lipoedema.  Reference:

Sound Health hopes to add more vocal samples to the study to expand these preliminary findings. An online WorkSation is being created that will allow persons who think they may have the symptoms of Lipoedema to test themselves:  Hopefully additional information from a wider range of subjects will help the research further identify a comprehensive understanding of the cause and cure for Lipoedema.

The internet is repete with claims that Kim Kardashian has had fat from her stomach injected into her buttock plus has had hip implant surgery.  No one knows for sure but Kardashian did complain during an online interview with her sister, Kourtney, that she would like the size of her thighs reduced. – minute 3:15.   If surgery is an often sought solution toward the perfect body shape, it seems that, unlike other sufferers, Kardashian could easily afford to control any lipoedema symptoms.  

“The rising incidence of the unequal distribution of adipose (fat) tissue that accumulates mostly in the hips and thighs; leaving most of the body unaffected until the later phases of the disease” is incredibly concerning to the supporters of a lipoedema cure.  To receive a personalized Lipoedema computer evaluation go to:

More Information from national organizations: and

 All issues expessed in terms of BioAcoustic Biology.  This information is provided as a public service to bring lipoedema to the notice of an unaware public.

 *In England, the spelling for this disease is Lipodema.  In America the spelling is Lipedema.  For the purposes of this paper, we combined the two into lipoedema.

Several internet articles report that there are some natural sources of Adiponetin available, but no long-term medical option to treat Adiponectin has been reported.

Foods and activities that purport to increase Adiponetin:

Exercise Pumpkin oil and seeds
Rich Coffee Macadamia Nuts
Weight loss Beets may be helpful because of their nitric oxide constituents
High quality fish oil Foods from the fruit and vegetable family
Chocolate Especially Spinach


Helpful tips from the Internet: 

  • Adiponectin helps control Cortisol which leads to excess belly fat.  Ghrelin stimulates hunger and is associated with Adiponectin.
  • Adiponectin can’t be taken directly, it is a hormone generated by your fat cells.  Statins (anti-cholesterol drugs), thiazolidinediones, angiotensin-converting-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers are examples of pharmaceutical drugs that have been found to elevate circulating levels of adiponectin.  We are working to test the ideas that BioAcoustic frequencies can influence genes and receptors.


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