There are 3 levels of access to the Sound Health Portal.

  • The Apprentice level introduces you to the tools used by Sound Health Providers.

  • With training as a Technician or Practitioner, start using the Portal accordingly.

First Step:  Join the Sound Health Community

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  • See what the famous nanoVoice™ program says about you.
  • Connect your voice to the Community Forum.
  • Be first to hear of opportunities and promotions.
  • Upload your voice files to participate in the Wellness Campaigns.

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Open to Community Members:
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Sound Health Apprentice

Begin your journey as an integral member of the Sound Health Family.

  • Explore the power of the Sound Health Portal.
  • Your 'Starter Kit' Template bundle is included with enrollment.
  • Discover the power of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling.
  • Commune with the Sound Health Family.
  • Become a member of the Guardian Network.
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Okay... how do I do this?

Step 1

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Step 2

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What do I get?

  • Your own Sound Health Portal account
  • Starter Kit of Templates
  • Use of promotional Templates
  • Full use of nanoVoice II™
  • Prep training for the Online Technician Course
  • Sound Health Family networking
  • Join the Guardian Network
  • Technical support and more!

Sound Health Technician

Sound Health Apprentices who have successfully completed the Online Technician Course gain:

  • Use of high level Evaluation functionality.
  • Access to dozens of Templates.
  • Personal assistance through the Mentor program.
  • Business and marketing solutions.

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Sound Health BioAcoustic Practitioner / BARA

Sound Health Technicians who have completed the 5 Day Professional Seminar gain:

  • Sound Health Portal Practitioner capabilities.
  • Use of top grade Templates.
  • BioAcoustic technology (tone trial) solutions for clients.
  • Complete network and marketing solutions.

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