There are 3 levels of access to the Sound Health Portal.

  • The Apprentice level introduces you to the tools used by Sound Health Providers.

  • With training as a Technician or Practitioner, start using the Portal accordingly.

First Step:  Join the Sound Health Community

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  • See what the famous nanoVoice™ program says about you.
  • Connect your voice to the Community Forum.
  • Be first to hear of opportunities and promotions.
  • Upload your voice files to participate in the Wellness Campaigns.

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Open to Community Members:
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Sound Health Apprentice

Begin your journey as an integral member of the Sound Health Family.

  • Explore the power of the Sound Health Portal.
  • Your 'Starter Kit' Template bundle is included with enrollment.
  • Discover the power of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling.
  • Commune with the Sound Health Family.
  • Become a member of the Guardian Network.
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Join the Sound Health Family Today!

Okay... how do I do this?

Step 1

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Step 2

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What do I get?

  • Your own Sound Health Portal account
  • Starter Kit of Templates
  • Use of promotional Templates
  • Full use of nanoVoice II™
  • Prep training for the Online Technician Course
  • Sound Health Family networking
  • Join the Guardian Network
  • Technical support and more!

Sound Health Technician

Sound Health Apprentices who have successfully completed the Online Technician Course gain:

  • Use of high level Evaluation functionality.
  • Access to dozens of Templates.
  • Personal assistance through the Mentor program.
  • Business and marketing solutions.

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Sound Health BioAcoustic Practitioner / BARA

Sound Health Technicians who have completed the 5 Day Professional Seminar gain:

  • Sound Health Portal Practitioner capabilities.
  • Use of top grade Templates.
  • BioAcoustic technology (tone trial) solutions for clients.
  • Complete network and marketing solutions.

Are you a Technician? Have you registered for the 5 Day Professional Seminar?
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g7Guardian Network

Guardian membership is open to Sound Health Apprentices, Technicians and Practitioners.

Members of the Guardian Network:

  • Help create an alternative reality - Health For the People By The People.
  • Gain use of Software/Templates as part of their monthly membership.
  • Participate in monthly training programs broadcast on WebEx.
  • Learn More

Sound Health Community Specialist (Coming Soon)

Specialists are professionals in any field of conventional medicine including
the complementary, functional and alternative health and wellness disciplines.
After completion of Sound Health Portal training, Specialists have:

  • The use of high-level diagnostic and specialty software programs.
  • Access to client management and referral services.
  • Networking and advertising within the Sound Health Community.
  • Send your inquiry to for information and estimated availability.