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How much of the dieting process is connected to just what we eat and the toxins we consume; or is it more about why we eat?

We see the advertising everywhere, the latest trend, the ‘biggest secret revealed’ and promises of weight loss & control.

Just seeing all the overload of ‘information’ makes us want to stress eat even more! While we can all agree on the basic concepts of watching out for GMO’s & toxins, more protein & less grains, we all face the cravings and confusion of what is considered a ‘good diet’. It’s always easier said than done but once you’ve made that mental stand to create a healthier you; BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health are here for you!

Join the so that you can focus on unlocking ancient language codes combined with modern BioAcoustic discoveries to identify hundreds, maybe thousands, of issues that may pertain individually to your weight management issues. This technology was designed to aid and promote a healthier lifestyle all around. Our radio shows ( RADIO) and Vimeo demonstrates, can show how BioDiet can be used to better understand the information our brain and body is trying to tell us.

BioDiet is a database created to help you ‘lighten up’. The information the Portal provides will aid you, and your clients, in avoiding the dreaded conventional means of weight loss whether it is diet pills or intense food management or often time-consuming workout sessions.

Weight loss should never be about introducing an unknown, often untested, diet substance into your system. Your body can tell you how and what it needs to lose weight, let the Sound Health Portal easily identify what issues you need to address.  Stop guessing!

BioAcoustic Biology is an ancient idea brought to life by modern technology. The study of BioAcoustics stems from the theory that the body can identify and prescribe for itself all that it needs to become whole and healthy using the algorithms of vocalized frequencies that organize and deduce biometric information. Such information is vital in understanding not only what your body needs but how to begin the movement of returning it to a healthier state of being.

          In addition to BioDiet, there are multiple options for personal and professional use.  Some of the BioAcoustic Evaluation options include Allergy testing, Ultimate Diet, Co-Fatters, Lipoedema, Liver Factors, Detox, Adrenal Function and Fat Switch; over 150 software choices are available. 

This opportunity is offered online and will get you started on your journey to become the healthier you as well as the ability to guide others on their self-healing journey. As part of our commitment to one day has a BioAcoustic clinic in every community we want you to succeed. Sound Health will do all we can to support you through classes, tutorials, and practice.  

Health rights belong to the people.  Take back control of your health and happiness.


The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health and Sound Health Portal Team announce an unprecedented opportunity!

Community Guest Members who upload voice samples are offered a FREE preliminary vocal analysis focusing on an active Wellness Campaign.