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Resolving the pandemic’s FATIGUE epidemic

BioAcoustically Speaking, iron has a critical relationship to pandemic caused FATIGUE.

Executive Summary:

Whether it be 5G or pandemic residue, BioAcoustically Speaking, both situations have been found to be closely involved with the use of iron within the body. Not just the presence of iron but with the use of iron via iron regulatory proteins. Research completed in December 2019 confirmed that Iron regulatory proteins have a direct mathematical relationship with the gene and proteins associated with the present pandemic.

A plethora of credible press articles list FATIGUE as the #1 complaint of persons who have had Covid or the touted inoculations.


Hemoglobin is a regulator of iron metabolism and iron is a major constituent of hemoglobin, the primary oxygen transport protein in red blood cells. Hemoglobin in blood carries oxygen from the respiratory organs to the rest of the body’s tissues. There it releases the oxygen to permit aerobic respiration to provide energy to power functions of an organism in the process called metabolism.

Without the necessary presence and appropriate metabolism of iron, FATIGUE is the major result, with a myriad of accompanying complaints, from brittle fingernail, through glucose and thyroid metabolism to life threatening leukemia.

The most commonly known and studied biological iron molecules are the heme proteins: examples are hemoglobin, myoglobin, and cytochrome P450. Many metabolic supporting enzymes contain iron such as catalase and lipoxygenase. The cytochrome proteins also involve heme groups and are involved in the metabolic oxidation of glucose (cellular fuel).

The conversion, regulation and transport of iron use is significantly controlled through the action of Aconitase which has a critical BioAcoustic relationship to Covid and Covid related inoculations.

Mathematically speaking, the conversion, regulation, and transport of iron utilization, is controlled through the action of Aconitase – a principal iron regulatory protein. Other biomarkers include ferritin, frataxin, transferrin, hepcidin and particularly Ferrochelatase which is a preparatory protein that is an important step for iron use by the body (This is particularly troublesome for Parkinson’s sufferers.)

Iron is necessary for optimal function of many primary body systems. It is both essential and a potential toxin. Iron plays a vital role as part of blood and is involved in electron transfer. Literally iron is an intrinsic part of the life blood of our existence.

The inappropriate use of iron by the body is directly related to FATIGUE.


Although not the presence of iron, that can be laboratory tested, but the metabolism of iron by the body comes into question when voice spectral analyses of volunteers, reportedly suffering from long term FATIGUE, showed a pattern of disturbed iron metabolism.

Frequencies bombard our planet and influence the movement of water on the planet. Could the same be said for earth’s inhabitants since we are reportedly 90% water? During the latter part of December and the early part of January, many BioAcoustic frequencies, believed to have an influence on earth’s residents, are associated with iron metabolism. It is, therefore, reasonable to project that this time frame will see an increase in the complaints and incidences of FATIGUE.

If knowledge of which aspects of disturbed iron metabolism could be identified for every individual, steps could be taken to eliminate the FATIGUE. The development of an internet WorkStation for such testing is being set up for public use and should be ready by the time this article is published. – SERVICES – Campaigns.

If a person’s iron metabolism could be evaluated and those results used to reestablish optional iron metabolism, FATIGUE would likely cease be such a prevalent issue. Among the vocal graphs that were volunteered by FATIGUE plagued covid sufferers, at least eight iron related issues were of primary concern.

For nearly forty years The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health, located in Ohio, USA, has been evaluating the concepts of Math as Medicine. Since the early 2000’s they have decoded seasonal flus into mathematical formulations designed to assist the body’s defensive response to seasonal pathogens. Close to 2000 vocal prints have been accumulated: with 524 listing FATIGUE as a contributing factor to their malaise.

In August 2019, Nexus magazine published an article by Robt O’Leary, JD, showing that 5G interfered with the body ability to process iron. Articles showing dead birds surrounding 5G towers have been published. Birds’ beaks contain specialized iron molecules that allow them to navigate the earth’s magnetic patterns. Could the same influenced be afflicting humans?

Articles are readily available showing the relationship between long term Covid and FATIGUE. BioAcoustic Biology has decoded the relationship between proteins related to Covid and iron regulatory proteins and is attempting to make that information available to the public in the hope of a more energetic tomorrow.

Additional Iron containing foods and iron deficiencies info can be found at:

DEC - This month’s frequencies are assigned to the astrology association of Sagittarius, color of Blue.

Throughout the entire month of December, muscle stress in back and thighs come into play.

December 2022 frequency stressors

Week One – is a big week for change: Aconitase activator and iron related Frataxin ([precursor to hemoglobin) enters the fray. Frequencies associated with eye retinal cells activate this week. Heart muscles are stressed for the next two weeks. Insulin signaling and glucose transport might be a stronger influence this week. Aquaporin – that supports the water detox system activates on Wed. Medication in stress – Farxiga – which is associated with bladder and incontinence issues.

Week Two – Hemoglobin frequencies continue to activate. Alpha synuclein- helps reduce FATIGUE - comes into play this week. Thigh, knees, and hip muscles are likely feeling tired and tight this week. The actual lens of the eye may be giving you a bit of strain. This will pass next week. Thyroid issues may contribute to feelings of energy less. Upper back and breathing muscle stress will end after Christmas.

Week Three – Hemoglobin stays in stress until the end of this week. Thrombin (blood clotting) activates this week. Please stay hydrated. Knees hips and lower back frequencies stay active. Cellular energy wanes this week. You may want to consider some extra B Vitamins, NAD or NAC to stay energetic through the season. Losartan (blood pressure med) may be in stress this week.

Week Four – Hepcidin (regulates iron Metabolism) comes into action this week. Along with thyroid stress - watch for muscle weakness. Metformin (an anti-diabetic) is the med in stress this week. Shoulder muscles and knees continue to flare. Nutrients for the week: calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and potassium cell salts. Glycogen (stored glucose) will stay stressed into the new year.

End of Month – First of Jan – Ferrochelatase – a preparatory step in iron metabolism becomes active the last week of Dec and into January of the new year. Without the full cooperation of Ferrochelatase the muscles become weak and atrophied.

Hemoglobin stays in stress until the end of this week. Thrombin (blood clotting) activates this week. Please stay hydrated. Knees hips and lower back frequencies stay active. Cellular energy wanes this week.

Sharry Edwards. M.Ed. is the acknowledged pioneer of BioAcoustic Vocal profiling. To comment or question –

The most common signs of iron deficiency include:
– Excessive fatigue
– Brain “fog”
– Muscle weakness
– Shortness of breath
– Dizziness
– Skin paleness
– Brittle nails
– Increased heart rate
– Cold extremities
– Restless leg syndrome, which causes a tingling, crawling sensation in the legs
– Pica, or odd cravings for dirt or ice

Foods containing iron include Red Meat, dark chicken and turkey meat, Oysters, clams, mussels (shellfish), liver, sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel, prawns, shrimp, hard boiled eggs, spinach, Swiss chard, beetroot, tofu, lentils, white, black and Soybeans, dark chocolate, dried apricots, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes, pomegranate, apples, asparagus, chickpeas, raisins, prunes



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