How not to be at the Mercy of a Health Care System that does not Consider Your Health as a Priority

The recent attempt to scare the American public into allowing themselves to be vaccinated using untested vaccines was sensibly refuted by nearly 80% of the population. Obama’s declaration that the swine flu was a “national emergency” added insult to injury when obvious facts demonstrated that no national pandemic existed. Trust in government health officials has plummeted; people were damaged and the entire “spin” of government controlled health care became a joke. It soon became apparent that increasing greed to put $$$$ in the pockets of vaccine producers was behind the attempts to scam the public.

Studies conducted by Sound Health have shown considerable promise to help ameliorate the damage considered to be the results of vaccinations given to people whose body was not properly prepared to receive such vaccines and/or the vaccines that were not appropriate medically or morally. The PreVac program has been designed to evaluate the readiness of the body to accept and appropriately process a vaccine. In addition, PreVac can evaluate, in terms of Frequency Equivalents™ the damages that have been caused. In many cases, the use of low frequency sound presentation has supported the body to return to normal form and function.

The government expects us to believe that vaccines cause no damage when simultaneously it indemnifies drug companies against damages and pays millions of dollars each year to those who are damaged by the vaccines. Which is it? Either there are damages or there are no damages? Can’t have it both ways; which is what the government would have us believe. Do they really think we are this dumb?

If we are going to be forced at gun-point, in court, with attack dogs at-the-ready, there should be at least a testing procedure that would assure readiness. I believe that we will look back upon this time in our history and see ourselves as heathens who sacrificed virgins (our children) for a good crop (a supposed healthy population theoretically). Sacrifice a few for the benefit of the many.

One only has to look at the statistics quoted by Ron Paul on his web site to learn that in California, the hepatitis vaccination killed more people than the hepatitis itself. Such is the result of government intervention on a level that precludes government officials from paying any attention to the actual facts.

We propose that the PreVac Vocal Profiler be provided to any population that is in the path of planned vaccinations. Every family should have access to the PreVac software so that they may make intelligent and informed decisions as to the wisdom of allowing their loved ones to undergo vaccinations as a modality of preventing disease.

Vaccine Reparation and Renovation

Many people realize that our conventional industry of dis-ease may not always have the people's desire for improved health as its main objective or intent.

With this in mind, Sharry Edwards and the Sound Health Portal team are offering you a free preliminary vocal analysis - A limited time opportunity!