ONE TIME OFFER:  Community Guests who upload voice samples are offered a preliminary analysis.


Compliments of the Sound Health Portal Team!


We wish to help you discover the amazing potential of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health.
To help us do that, please keep in mind:

  • Voice Sample quality is completely up to you. Watch the videos on this page to prepare accurate voice files.
  • This is a ONE TIME offer for Community Guests. Due to volume, the Form can be submitted only once - with or without voice files.
  • Submitted voice files may not be of sufficient quality to run a preliminary analysis. Be certain your files meet the necessary specifications.
  • A maximum of two voice files can be attached to this one time offer. 

How do I do this?

  1. Join the Sound Health Community for free.
  2. Acquire a proper USB microphone that plugs into your computer.
  3. Watch the video below on suggested Recording Practices.
  4. Watch the videos on using Audacity® (free software) to prepare your voice files.
  5. Upload your voice files using the form at the bottom of this page.

Then what?

  1. A qualified Sound Health Provider will run a preliminary scan to determine if further investigation is in order based upon your information and wellness concerns.
  2. They will reach out to you with a preliminary report offering suggestions on how to move forward with no obligation on your part to continue with the exploration.

Note: Once an evaluation begins, your voice sample is completely inaudible and your privacy secured.

Access a Microphone

Sound Health recommends a number of microphones for capturing a quality voice print. Click the "Shop" button to view a selection of approved budget oriented microphones. A popular choice is the Samson Go Mic.

Capturing Voice Samples

GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out.
The microphone and how to use it is probably the most variable and critical link between voice and final results. This video presents suggested Recording Practices.

Preparing Voice Files for Upload

Use Audacity® a free audio recording and editing program to create your voice files.
Capture enough audio to produce two (2) 30-45 second recordings:

  1. Mundane Recording: Talk about anything that comes to mind.
  2. Health Recording: Speak about your symptoms or health complaints.

Join the Community to upload your voice files.

 Record your voice

After downloading your voice file, open Upload Voice Files to send your sample.