Cellular Inflammation

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Cellular Inflammation

Comparison data from Covid associated vocal prints show a high correlation with vocal frequencies and cellular inflammation.

In December, 2019, Sound Health announced that the, then Corona, now renamed Covid pathogen, was based on frequencies that were not consistent with nature-made viruses but were mathematically constructed to be antidotes to each other; making it impossible to mathematically countervail them. This indicated that BioAcoustic frequency-based antidotes, of the past, would not work against this attack on mankind. We moved beyond our normal methods and created anti covid formulations that worked to reverse the symptoms of covid positive victims. We released these formulations to the public. https://soundhealthoptions.com/never-before-released-information-revealed-about-the-coronavirus-2/
Since then and up until recently, controversy existed about the origins of Covid 19. At this point, scientists and the media are attempting to consider the man-made origins of Covid. We now have further evidence that a manufactured scenario is valid. We concluded that pathogens one after the other could be thrown at us and keep us sick forever. This demanded a different approach! Why not strive to have the body protect itself from any pathogenic invasion. Our first report concluded that the body needed glutathione, quercetin, Vit C, D and Zinc to accomplish this.
Once a pathogen enters the body, in simple terms, the pathogen sets up housekeeping, off-putting proteins that are detrimental to the host. In the case of Covid 19, the proteins keep mutating. Now we are being forced to contend with Spike Proteins for which conventional medicine has no cure. Sound Health has now decoded the reported Covid Spike Proteins, and can show many of the Spike proteins belong to ONE musical scale that is based on CALCIUM. [In my opinion this is further evidence to support the premise that Covid 19 and its predicted Spike Proteins were man-made.] Reports are reaching us that persons who were injected with covid “vaccines” are experiencing de-regulation of their calcium based systems.
The opinion of multiple musicians and composers, surmise that the odds are astronomical that a set of random numbers could appear as one musical scale down to two decimal points.

Now in February, 2022 it is mathematically obvious that any association with Covid is resulting in cellular inflammation. In our attempt to “leave no stone unturned” we are offering vocal frequency comparisons for those who wish to check their vocal frequencies against our cellular inflammation template.

Class are being offered that will teach interested persons how to interpret these reports or bring this protocol to their communities. Link: soundhealthinfo@gmail.com
BioAcoustics is not medical
BioAcoustics is not musical
BioAcoustics is Mathmatical
Not meant as medical anything. We are looking for data.
We have often said that BioAcoustically Speaking almost every frequency can be correlated to multiple body structures and biochemicals. This indicates that one frequency can represent many things.
The tenets of BioAcoustic Biology have stated for nearly two decades that frequency relationships can explain the connections between many indicators of functional stress. For example, BioAcoustics can now show the root cause between heart disease and diabetes; thyroid and diabetes; high blood pressure and diabetes; blood sugar and brain function; Tylenol and autism. Conventional science knew these relationships existed but could not explain why they existed.

The concepts of Math as Medicine may help scientists take a leap forward as to how disease can be predicted and monitored via vocal profiling of an individual’s spoken words. Consider the brain as your central processing unit. Frequencies from the brain travel through the body’s neural network of nerves to animate our bodies and bring us to consciousness.

The vocal cords travel through the 2 cranial nerves via the recurrent laryngeal nerve which strives to maintain equilibrium.
Even the Christian Bible refers to the phenomena that the voice contains information about the speaker: (Luke 6:45) “A bad man may imitate the voice of a good person but the evil in his heart will certainly vibrate in his pretending voice.”

Information and frequency lists can be found at: https://soundhealthoptions.com/corona-corner-2/