Helping Golfers Improve Their Game

Weak or stressed muscles will limit golf performance because they create limited range of movement, and lack of flexibility. Most golfers are aware of the muscles they use but cannot really identify which ones are weak or stressed.

Golfers can improve their game by using vocal profiling to identify weak or stressed muscles that are necessary to achieve peak golf performance.The muscles involved in golf are related to improving hip rotation, strengthening the muscles of the shoulders, forearms and wrists, as well as supporting the all-important core muscles.

Sound Health Options and the Sound Health Portal team now offer vocal profiling to golfers.

Your vocal print reveals which muscles need strengthening (low muscles) and which muscles may require stretching and relaxation (stressed or high muscles). Perhaps you already know which part of your golf swing needs improvement but you are uncertain of the muscles involved. Your vocal profile will point you in the direction of attaining better golf performance.

Improving Golfers Game Campaign

Many people realize that our conventional industry of dis-ease may not always have the people's desire for improved health as its main objective or intent.

With this in mind, Sharry Edwards and the Sound Health Portal team are offering you a free preliminary vocal analysis - A limited time opportunity!

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