Acute Inhalation Injury


During the last few weeks more than two dozen large wild fires in northern California have caused the worst catastrophic fire devastation in that regions recorded history. Destruction of property, loss of human life and homes is estimated to be in the multi millions of dollars. But additional incredible trauma is soon to appear.

The toll on human health at the moment caused by smoke, stress, air pollution, fire retardants sprayed from airplanes are beginning to extract their price for the inhabitants who are determined to stay in the area of destruction.

To help ameliorate damage caused by these environmental toxins* created by the fires, we wish to provide a way for people to evaluate for potential damage from airborne toxins.

We invite you to join our Community Center and offer vocal samples for evaluation. The BioAcoustic Report will potentially identify issues for individuals who may be in stress. Sponsored by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health (a 501C(3), non profit organization) and the Sound Health Portal team.

*all issues reported in term of BioAcoustic Frequency Equivalents™

Breathing Campaign

Many people realize that our conventional industry of dis-ease may not always have the people's desire for improved health as its main objective or intent.

With this in mind, Sharry Edwards and the Sound Health Portal team are offering you a free preliminary vocal analysis - A limited time opportunity!

Phos-Chek is a brand of long-term fire retardants, class A foams, and gels manufactured by ICL Performance Products.

The airways and lungs receive continuous first-pass exposure to non-toxic and irritant or toxic gases via inhalation. Irritant gases are those that, on inhalation, dissolve in the water of the respiratory tract mucosa and provoke an inflammatory response, usually from the release of acidic or alkaline radicals.

 Smoke, chlorine, phosgene, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and ammonia are common irritants.


Depending on the type and amount of irritant gas inhaled, victims can experience symptoms ranging from minor respiratory discomfort to acute airway and lung injury and even death. A common response cascade to a variety of irritant gases includes inflammation, edema and epithelial sloughing, which if left untreated can result in scar formation and pulmonary and airway remodeling.

"Our Rose Colored wish for the world is a BioAcoustic Center in every community. Never has that need been more clearly demonstrated than with the recent northern California series of large forest fires.

The fires are so out-of-control that tons of chemicals were dumped from the sky inundating property, lawns, sidewalks, pools, cars, people… In many cases hampering breathing, causing headaches, eye pain, muscle fatigue/drowsiness; in severe reactions, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating/gas and skin rashes.

In our attempt to help, we have decoded and identified the muscle relationships and nutritional antidotes to the poisons being used. We hope everyone touched by this tragedy can use our breathing software to identify how their body is responding and accordingly help themselves move beyond the personal health damages.."

Sharry Edwards, MEd.