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Our classroom and offices are located in Albany, Ohio. We offer a 2-day technician course and an intensive 5-day course every month.  The 2 -day course is now a prerequisite for the 5-day course.  These courses are offered online and onsite. If you are considering integrating BioAcoustics into your current health practice or making Bio Acoustics a career, we highly recommend that you attend!

Students who train in the study of BioAcoustics have the choice of becoming a: clinician, researcher, instructor or combination of all three!

Class size is limited, so early enrollment is advised. You may ask to receive your materials early once your tuition is paid in full. To do so, please print and sign the agreement documents and return them with your application. You will be required to take the course within six months of receiving your educational materials. Please note that the text may change to include new information, as we are a research facility. 

Computer proficiency will make setting up your practice easier, as you will save time in assessment through using our computer programs. High school math skills are necessary.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the office Monday thru Friday,  9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST @ 740-698-9119.   

We often hold Special Projects of topics of great concern to us, our clients and the public.  Please be sure to look into these special half day and one day courses.  If you are interested in hosting a Special Project or would like to participate in a project that interests you please send your requests to

Online Technician Course

Entry Level BioAcoustic Technician - BioAcoustic Basics 


  1. Paid Apprentice Subscription
  2. Successful completion of the Online Apprentice Course

The Online Technician Course prepares the student to perform computerized vocal assessments and create management reports. 

The course includes: many Vocal Profiling software programs used to interpret data; an instruction booklet; introductory PowerPoint presentations. Completion is a prerequisite for the 5-day Professional Seminar provided to advanced professionals or for those who want to prepare as a BioAcoustic Professional.  

Students learn to identify and analyze stressed vocal frequencies and patterns in preparation for creating 5-10 page reports that include the Frequency Correlates of vitamins, minerals, hormones, amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids and biochemicals. The course prepares the participant to be a BioAcoustic Assistant to a BioAcoustic Professional. 

Participants are provided three software programs included with the initial class kit: Muscle Management (for trainers and exercise); Nutritional Consultant and Abacus (evaluates frequency equivalents of vitamins and nutrients) plus an additional program dependent upon class sign-up dates.  CLASS LINK: 

This course is offered online. We ask that you provide us with copies of the data you collect. People usually charge from $55.00 - $125 per report. After you become proficient, you can usually do a report in about half-an-hour. No sound presentation is included as part of this instruction.

Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED.  Deadline for registration to any and all classes is 1pm the business day prior to the class start date.  Link for Registration:

Step # 1

Fill out and Submit Enrollment Application

5 Day Professional Seminar

BioAcoustic Professional Seminar: 

Helps Prepare you to help yourself, your family and you Community.  Don’t be left behind! “Powerful” and “Intense” are two often-used words to describe the 5-day Professional Seminar.  Lecture and practical experience takes the student from initial Vocal Assessment, Evaluation and Sound Presentation.  Step by step instructions for each level, plus the computerization of the materials, make the days go by much too quickly.  It is unlikely that the student will glean every bit of information from the multiple texts without some evening and home study.  Don’t expect to be able to walk out operating at the highest level of expertise. Skill and proficiency comes with practice and dedication. 

Helping People Help Themselves thru SOUND HEALTH 

The Professional Seminar course was designed for individuals who want to train to become an advanced BioAcoustic Provider in support of health and wellness.  The participants learn to use computerized frequency formulations and sound presentation techniques to help the body support its own normal form and function. Class fees entitle the student to one set of materials which include BioAcoustic Biology texts plus workbook; two software programs of your choice from the list provided, one Genesis Professional software, Abacus software, tonebox (including software); plus a thumbdrive containing reference texts, videos, articles, instruction manuals, legal and marketing materials.  Videos include: Energy Medicine, Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease and Miracles of Non-Medicine.  Supplementary publication: Sound Secrets: Ultimate Healing by Jill Mattson is also included. Class materials need to be received at least two weeks before class. A PreView PowerPoint helps you prepare your computer for class. 

The Professional Seminar INCLUDES instruction in Sound Evaluation, Formulation and Presentation.  The computer programs included in this course are designed to do the work for you so that figuring out the appropriate sound formulations becomes more efficient.

Emphasis will be on using the computer programs and data interpretation for relationships to structural or biochemical stress. This course was specifically designed to assist BioAcoustic Research Associates in following established protocols for BioAcoustic data collection. 

Participants must have the use of a PC to receive the full impact of the material. This course is designed to provide pre-management diagnostic information. Personal information and personal sound presentation is secondary in this class. This course is rigorous and should only be undertaken by those health/wellness professionals who have established clinical skills or those persons intending to be a caretaker. 

The 2-day Technician class is a Prerequisite.  The 5 Day class can be taken once, within 90 day at no extra charge. Refresher courses are permitted – some conditions apply. 

Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED.  Deadline for registration to any and all classes is 1pm the business day prior to the class start date.

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Find out when the next 5 Day Professional Seminar is scheduled.

Step # 1

Fill out and Submit Enrollment Application

Step # 2

Read, Sign and Submit Class Agreement

Step # 3

Download Preview and Complete by following instructions prior to class


A matching scholarship is a "Match"; meaning dollar for dollar.This means with the class cost at $5,600.00 you pay $2,800.00 and we match it by offering, applying, paying $2,800.00.

Guardian Network

During a recent Health Freedom Conference, Sharry Edwards, as a Keynote speaker, presented viable options to the continuing attempts at suppression and subversion of our health rights. She is setting up a network of people to serve as the Guardians of the People; Health for the People, by the People. If you are interested in being a part of the Guardian Network, please contact her at:

Those who wish to participate will be invited to a preview of her intentions to set up a series of wellness POD’s (an affiliated grouping with similar interests) in each community by training people in BioAcoustic techniques and Profiling in the hopes of making difference in this time of health care collapse. Please read and consider the following information.

Personal Message from Sharry

I’ve had enough and there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who feel the same way! Our civil and health rights are being ignored at every turn. We have tried peaceful means to change the existing system; to alter the outcomes by sheer numbers as we attempt to force officials to meet the needs of the people. 

Ralph et. al. has made incredible inroads but it is simply not enough. It’s time we took matters into our own hands. Instead of trying to fix a tired and broken system, let’s create a system of our own. Many issues need to be addressed: personal legal rights, State’s rights, freedom of information, constitutional freedoms, quality of food and water supplies, the right to breathe fresh air without paying for it, the right to nullify laws that are made by agencies that are unfair and unconstitutional, the ability to nullify laws that are not in the best interests of the people/county, the economy, our choice to invest our money as we see fit, our tax rights; respect from those we elect; the list goes on. Many individuals and organized groups are working toward these goals. My interest and journey is the forefront of SELF HEALTH as we move toward self responsibility with the knowledge that we can achieve optimal health and wellness from the inside, out. I think we are all interested in seeing to it that health becomes the priority of health care.

My idea: in 122 AD, Hadrian’s wall (20’ high 10’ thick) was created by the Roman empire in an attempt to contain the “barbarians” who occupied what is now northern England. These barbarians would not bow down to the Roman conquers; wouldn’t pay homage or taxes. Rebellion occurred when the Roman emperor attempted to contain the “barbarians”. Not wanting to risk further unrest that was being exhibited by those who would not obey, Hadrian’s Wall was built to keep the influence of the “barbarians” away from the compliant masses.

So let’s turn that around. We have already been labeled “the malcontents”, when actually we are the independent-thinking, visionary barbarians. So let’s work within the system by offering better options than are now available. It is an established fact that people are disgruntled and with dissatisfaction comes the opportunity for change. Let’s be that change. Let’s create a network of Health Services that can be provided for the People, by the People. We don’t need to play their game; let’s create our own system, play by our own rules.

To begin I want to establish three fronts:

  • Creating a system of Community-based wellness services through organized and informed health choices
  • Alternatives to forced vaccinations that are a threat to our genetic future.
  • Support our Returning Soldiers who are being damaged and then neglected.

1. Vaccine Reparation and Renovation - (V R&R) The recent attempt to scare the American public into allowing themselves to be vaccinated using untested vaccines was sensibly refuted by nearly 80% of the population. Obama’s declaration that the swine flu was a “national emergency” added insult to injury when obvious facts demonstrated that no national pandemic existed. Trust in government health officials plummeted; people were damaged and the entire “spin” of government controlled health care became a joke. It soon became apparent that increasing greed to put $$$$ in the pockets of vaccine producers was behind the attempts to scam the public.

Studies conducted by Sound Health have shown considerable promise to help ameliorate the damage considered to be the results of vaccinations given to people whose body was not properly prepared to receive such vaccines and/or the vaccines were not appropriate medically or morally. The PreVac program has been designed to evaluate the readiness of the body to accept and appropriately process a vaccine. In addition, PreVac can evaluate, in terms of Frequency Equivalents™ the damages that have been caused. In many cases, the use of low frequency sound presentation has supported the body to return to normal form and function.

The government expects us to believe that vaccines cause no damage when simultaneously it indemnifies drug companies against damages and pays millions of dollars each year to those who are damaged by the vaccines. Which is it? Either there are damages or there are no damages? Can’t have it both ways which is what the government would have us believe. Do they really think we are this dumb?

If we are going to be forced at gun-point, in court, with attack dogs at-the-ready, there should be at least a testing procedure that would assure readiness. I believe that we will look back upon this time in our history and see ourselves as heathens who sacrificed virgins (our children) for a good crop (a supposed healthy population theoretically). Sacrifice a few for the benefit of the many.

One only has to look at the statistics quoted by Ron Paul on his web site to learn that in California, the hepatitis vaccination killed more people than the hepatitis itself. Such is the result of government intervention on a level that precludes government officials from paying any attention to the actual facts.

We propose that the PreVac Vocal Profiler be provided to any population that is in the path of planned vaccinations. That every family has access to the PreVac software so that they may make intelligent and informed decisions as to the wisdom of allowing their loved ones to undergo vaccinations as a modality of preventing disease.

2. Co-Creating a Better Tomorrow for Today’s Wounded Warriors - The Sound Health Research Institute and the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has recently completed a preliminary study under the auspices of the US Army that resulted in the development of two diagnostic software programs: Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

We propose that these two software programs be used to develop a network of trained technicians who are interested in co-creating a service project that would use the TBI and PTSD diagnostic software and associated protocols to support the rehabilitation of visible and invisible wounds of war for our returning soldiers.

We have already been in contact with our local officials who are supportive of this effort. Meetings with national and state organizations are scheduled and we will report back to you about how this can be done in your community.

3. Health for the People, by the People – Let’s become the Guardians of the People by establishing a network of trained technicians who are interested in co-creating a community network for Health and wellness. Sound Health has created a series of nearly thirty computer programs to be used for this purpose; more are planned. The programs are easy to learn and can be used to provide individual information in support of health and wellness, in-person and sometimes even over the phone. Each program can be taught in 2-3 hour classes that we will offer on-line, on-site and/or on-demand via the internet. The software reports can be used as management information in support of optimal form and function.

To begin we have chosen five programs as a foundation but other programs are available that could be used to mix-and-match to fit your interests and your community’s needs. At first it is likely that you will want to work with at-risks populations, like returning soldiers, nutrition for the poor, vaccination rehabilitation, weight management, muscle trauma and those who are lost as to where they fit in this activity of living.

Steps to fruition: Guardian of the People Network

  • Establish an organizational framework
  • Develop an overview strategy
  • Build our own network of Health for the People

We are like the Barbarians that stood against Rome – the Guardians of the People – We are fed up with talking and fighting. We intend to build our own health system and leave them to wallow in their rules and regulations in the hopes that they will bury themselves once they find out we are not paying attention to what they have in mind for us.

Become a Guardian Today

Sign Up for Guardian Network & receive Abacus P, Nutrition P, Muscles P & the Software of the Month.  ALL this for Only $97 fee for membership (Includes a Sunday Class).

Payment Schedule

Members are entitled to 12 Public Profiling software programs and accompanying class.

We want to help you establish a BioAcoustic Center in YOUR Community.

To receive class information send an email of interest to



Address to join:

This forum is provided to help you understand more about Vocal Profiling and BioAcoustic Biology: our future depends on it!

Judy and Phil have volunteered their time to provide this forum for you. If you are not yet a Guardian member, this site will show you that you need to be. Follow the link above to sign up.