What is Human BioAcoustics?

The state of your health is in the sound of your voice. Frequencies and architectures found in the human voice can be used to identify the innate mathematical biomarkers that represent states of health and wellness.

Frequency-based medicine is currently positioned at the top of today's alternative health options. Sharry Edwards is the recognized pioneer of Vocal Profiling, which determines the wellness status of a person by using the voice to determine a distinct Math Matrix for each individual. Sounds of the voice can be used to construct a holographic math-based representation of our health and wellness, and can be used to help the body bring itself back into balance.

Why BioAcoustic Biology?

To survive, the human race NEEDS BioAcoustic Biology. For BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling to survive, practitioners, clinicians and trainers are needed.

To date, there are NO competent medical services that demonstrate the potential to help us survive the threat of pandemic bird flu, to restore our DNA to its perfect form, to rid us of vaccination damage and residue, or to support our dwindling immune responses.

The research being conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology is on the forefront of energy medicine; creating the doorway to our next dimension of health revolution. In addition, the techniques hold promise in answering questions about how our universe was formed, and how our aging and perception of time can be monitored using frequency.

In developing these techniques, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has created a dilemma. How can we take this potential to the public when we don’t have enough trained practitioners to serve the need?

Do we not share this information with the public until enough people of vision will recognize the potential of this work and come forward to be a part of it? It will take vision and sacrifice and there may be a time when this technology will be challenged by those who desire to maintain the economic power of our health. However, the technique of using math as a basis of well-being may be the means of restoring our intrinsic right to self health.

Whoever controls health controls the people! Health is much more precious than wealth! If we can find a way to control our own health then we have dominion over our evolution! Join Sound Health and embrace this pioneering path to New Medicine!

What is Sound Presentation?

Sound presentation, BioAcoustically speaking, is the delivery of analog sequenced frequency sets, via headphones or a speaker, that are individually constructed for a client using information gleaned from a Voice Profile by a trained BioAcoustic Research Associate/Assistant.

After a vocal sample is captured, computer analysis is used to determine the most appropriate frequencies that will be evaluated during tone trials. These frequencies are established using information supplied by the referring physician reported issues from the client, data from vocal samples, comparisons against other client vocal prints who have similar issues and a client's responses during sound presentation.

Once a BioAcoustic Research Associate has identified the frequencies to be tested, the next step is to determine the most suitable form of feedback that will assist in the establishment of the appropriate tones to be used for long term sound presentation. During tone trials, objective as well as subjective feedback is used to refine the formula sets. Positive and negative emotional physiological responses are used to assist in the establishment of specific frequencies; assembled in the appropriate combinations, for the proper amount of time.

Clients are situated in a suitable position for testing - this can be standing, sitting or lying down. Individual tones are provided to the client for a duration of 30-60 seconds. The client is then asked to evaluate the tones in terms of any physical or physcological reactions they may be experiencing. Frequency techniques include a variety of objective measurements. In the case of muscle involvement, the tones may be used for up to two minutes during the testing phase of sound presentation. Data is gathered as each sound is presented and directly after each tone is concluded for biofeedback reactions. Unless otherwise indicated, no more than 10 to 12 tones are tested in any one session. Often these clinical tone trials are videotaped and/or observed by BioAcoustic Trainees to be used for educational purposes. A client's privacy is always protected unless specifically waived.

The goal of the tone trials is to determine the most appropriate combinations of tones that can be programmed into a small, computer-like analog frequency generator called a Square Two™, that has been specifically designed to provide programmed long term BioAcoustic sound presentation.

For research purposes, the Square Two™ Tone Box is programmed using the resulting data from the tone trials. Tone boxes are generally loaned to a client (for 1-2 days) to provide an opportunity to evaluate the responses. If warranted, the client is offered the opportunity to purchase a tone box for self use.

What is Vocal Profiling?

Using a Uni-Directional Condenser Microphone that is linked to a computer equipped with a calibrated sound card, a short sample of the voice is captured (less than a minute). A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) converts the recorded vocal sounds into numeric data using the properties of frequency (Hertz/cycles per second) and amplitude (decibel). This information is used to create a digital graph that represents the vocal frequencies and the corresponding data using a range of 0-1000 cycles per second.

FFT's are computationally efficient algorithms commonly used to convert analog vocal data to digital numeric data for rapid spectral analysis. Such transformation from time to frequency use mathematical functions to depict the relative magnitudes and phase relationships of frequencies in a time varying signal.

The frequencies and patterns that are generated are evaluated in terms of coherence, architecture, and numeric value. A technician assesses the graph, identifying the dissonant values that will be used to characterize the information.

The resulting frequencies are entered into a database that can be manipulated to create a variety of reports that represent substances in terms of Frequency Equivalents‚ÄöTM (FE); a frequency representation of a person, place or thing. Categories include nutrients, biochemicals, toxins, genomes, pathogens and muscles.

These reports may be used for Research purposes by wellness practitioners in the hope of providing substantiation and direction in support of optimal form and function.

The software used for BioAcoustic evaluation is not available commercially and is continuously being modified to fit research requirements. Databases are upgraded constantly to include research results related to frequency correlates that can be associated with the Biochemical functions and structural organization of the human body, including environmental threats from toxin and pathogen exposure. The information contained within the databases as well as the processes to interpret and construct frequency associations are novel, distinctive and exlusive to the research functions of Sound Health, Inc.