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to BioFrequencies Clinic on the Sound Health Portal, where you can explore the answers to the question "What does your voice say about YOU?"  

Here is where you can:
~Learn your daily nutritional needs to improve your overall well-being
~Search for solutions to health issues
~Have fun as you discover hidden personality traits 


At BioFrequencies Clinic, we'll start with a thorough Health Evaluation and set up weekly Health Coaching using Dr. Eric Berg's protocols.  This will start you on your way to better health.  We'll do a baseline voiceprint just to find out what's what in your voiceprint.

After that, a regular check-in with your vocal profile will give you biofeedback on how the new choices and changes you are making are actually working for you.

Here's an example from my own life:  a client contacts BioFrequencies Clinic with general extreme inflammation.  We set up an appointment and through the Health Evaluation process we suspect you might be insulin resistant.  We'll do your voiceprint analysis and check to see what shows up in your voiceprint.  Where is insulin?  What's going on with glucose?  Are these showing up "high" or "low" or are they even a factor?  You'll get a complete report showing everything from insulin to glucose to muscles, vitamins, minerals, cell salts, proteins, amino acids, you name it, it's in there.

And then let's say you're so convinced by the Health Evaluation and the results of the voice analysis that for the next 30 days you choose to go completely off all sugars and all grains.   Your inflammation disappears, you feel better, you're sleeping, you're not getting up at night so often, the swelling goes down in your feet, you lose some weight, and now you want to know what's changed:  is that high insulin still there?  Another voiceprint will reveal what's going on.

This is a way to periodically monitor what's going on in your body.  This puts your own health right back into your hands.  You can make informed choices and monitor your own progress scientifically.


If you really want to go the next level and support your health choices with BioAcoustic tones, BioFrequencies Clinic can help with that too.  I am a BioAcoustics Practitioner and can analyze your voiceprint and after appropriate testing of tones that might work for you, I can load a tone box with tones chosen specifically for you, right now.

If you're not in the southern Oregon area and are interested in this service, book my AirBNB room for at least two nights, travel to the area, and stay right at BioFrequencies Clinic for your Health Evaluation, Health Coaching, Voiceprint and analysis, Tone Trials and loading the Tone Box that you purchase directly from Sharry Edwards.  Contact BioFrequencies Clinic for more information.

Upload your voice recordings for analysis at the bottom of this page. 

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